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hey venner min bedste veninde har åbnet en online sex shop og det kunne være super fedt hvis i gad tjekke den ud og evt. hjælpe hende lidt på vej ved at reblogge det her! 

Adult toys giveaway!


In celebration of my newly opened adult web store, I will be giving away treats to all of you willing to help me spread the word!

This is how it goes:

  • The post must reach its goal of 500 notes
  • If it doen’t, I will not be giving out prizes
  • Only reblogs count when I find the winners
  • You can reblog as many times as you want to increase your chance of winning!

And now the fun part! The prizes:

  • Two 5.5 inch Classix G-spot Softees, complete with multiple vibrate speed settings and in the colour of your own choice! 
  • Three seperate winners will get to choose one item each that costs ten US dollars or less!
  • There will of course be no expense for you, as shipment will be inculded in the prize.

imageThe Classix G-spot massager is elegant, simple and cheap! It comes with multiple speed setting for the vibrator, and comes in multiple colours too.


(This giveaway is made by me, and so all questions, issues and the like should be directed at my blog. My askbox will of course be open.)

my best friend has opened an adult toy store and i would be so happy if you’d take a look at!

"So why did I do it? I could offer a million answers - all false. The truth is that I’m a bad person."

Trainspotting (1996)

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Anonymous: hvordan har du det?

aner ikke. vil gerne have et barn???

Anonymous: Men helt seriøst. Dat booty. I love it.


Anonymous: Hvad skal du lave idag

drikke mig fuld hehe xD

Anonymous: U have a nice ass

thank u

Anonymous: omg hvor stor er din numse


too fat for my only pants